Wedding Planning

Congratulations! It is that special day that every girl (and secretly every man) dreams of. The day that announces and celebrates that you have found that person that you want to do everything with, share everything with, and spend the rest of your life with. And with God’s blessings, it only comes once in a lifetime. This is why it is worth every Fils spent. So let us help you make it as perfect as you have always envisioned it to be, both for the bride and grooms celebrations. Let’s make your dream a reality by not only providing the flower arrangements, but the logistics too.

Wedding Arrangement

From the minute your guests arrive to your beautifully picked out location, these arrangements will not fail to impress where ever you want them. From the walkway to the entrance, the stairs, the doors, the bathroom, the walls, the ceiling, the chairs, the table… you name it, you’ll find flowers on it in the exact theme that you want and provide you with the logistics too.

Other Service Package